Spa Doctor Body & Bath Package in Beautiful Burlap Pouch

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The Spa Doctor~   Body and Bath package in Burlap Pouch.


  • Ergonomic-hand held body exfoliator with 91 gentle fingers to stimulate and exfoliate the skin.
    • Tiny fingers stimulate & exfoliate as you glide it over your skin. 
    • Helps break up cellulite in legs and arms.
  • 4 oz. Natural fragrant lavender soap with olive oil and shea butter
  • 5 oz. Lavender and Lemongrass Bath Bomb that slowly releases essential oils into the bath water as it bubbles and swirls; It relaxes the body and rejuvenates the skin.

 Package: 8x10 rugged drawstring burlap pouch, 91 finger exfoliator,  4oz. Lavender soap bar, 5oz. Lavender bath bomb.