Tender Scalp Comb for Fine/Thinning Hair with soft plastic rotating teeth

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Hair Doctor's Tender Scalp Comb has 30 soft, smooth rotating plastic teeth to gently detangle fine and thinning hair.  

    • Prevents split ends and hair loss:  teeth “roll” and “rotate” preventing hair from wrapping and snagging on the pin which prevents split ends, hair breakage and hair loss.
    • Stimulates healthy scalp: smooth rounded tips massaging the scalp, increasing circulation to keep scalp clean and healthy.
    • Superior for detangling wet hair:  hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. Rotating teeth are gentle to wet hair, preventing hair from stretching and breaking when wet.
    • Secure binding: sonic welded binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping children and pets safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins.
    • Made in USA with precision care and love.

    Gentle comb for seniors!  Women and Men

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