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Welcome To The Original Hair Doctor Rotating Tooth Combs & Brushes

The Hair Doctor® Combs are designed to remove tangles on any type of hair! The 360-degree rotating teeth turn or "roll" while moving the comb through the hair, easily removing tangles! The Hair Doctor® products feature special rotating teeth that decrease hair pull-out and are much more gentle to hair than a conventional grooming comb. Teeth rotate 360 degrees to roll & glide through tangles while adding a gentle massage for your hair.

Our exclusive design of the Original Hair Doctor Brush and Original Hair Doctor Combs includes stainless steel or nickel-plated brass rotating teeth that turn and move up and down independently to lessen the risk of premature hair loss. This smooth action eliminates snarls and tangles and reduces damage to the hair cuticle. The smooth rounded teeth also glide gently through the hair, preventing snags and decreasing the risk of scalp irritation. The massage effect helps increase blood circulation to the scalp. Ergonomic Handles for hair combs and hair brushes alike.


All combs are made in the USA

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