Reseller Program

For wholesalers, we manage a Reseller Program, which entitles business that commits to volume purchasing of our products with discounts of up to 40%, depending on the volume and frequency of their buying.
If you are interested in becoming a Reseller, please email us at

and we’ll send you our reseller catalogs, program benefits and conditions, and Reseller Program contact information to attend to your requirements directly.
There are 2 categories of Resellers, which correspond to different levels of purchasing:

  • Dealers
        • Discounts between 15% to 20%
              • Minimum purchase of US$1,250 per order
                  • Reduced shipping charges (US and Canada where available)
                • Distributors
                    • Discounts between 35% to 40%
                    • Minimum purchase of US$ 3,500 per order
                    • Exclusive territories assigned for qualified distributors
                    • Reduced shipping charges (US and Canada where available)
                  Please include in your email the following information:
                  • Company name *
                  • Contact name *
                  • Address *
                  • City/State/Zip *
                  • Country *
                  • Phone *
                  • E-Mail *
                  • Summary of your business
                  • Description of your marketplace: principal city/state/country in which you sell
                  • Website

                  * = Required information