Easy Glide Comb for Fine Hair

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Easy Glide Comb is superior Comb for fine hair.

30 fine-spaced rotating stainless steel teeth glide to gently clear tangles without breaking or splitting hair.  Fine spaced teeth are perfect for gentle 'teasing' hair to create lift.  

 Cool benefits:   

  • Rotating teeth stimulate natural oils in the scalp promoting healthy growth and giving hair a natural sheen.
  • Tumbled smooth stainless teeth masage the scalp and do not scratch.
  • Rotating teeth prevent hair from wrapping around the comb and pulling. 
  • Prevents hair loss, split ends and hair breakage.

Additional benefits:

  • 100% toxic free.
  • American Made stainless-steel that does not bend even when wet.
  • Superior comb for wet or dry hair.
  • Made in USA!


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