Extra Long-Wide Comb for Thick and Curly Hair

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Extra-Long Tooth Comb for beautiful hair.

"rolling" teeth is essential to preventing hair loss and breakage especially when combing out tangled wet hair.  

Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet.  This is due to the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are broken when wet and reformed when dry.  "rolling" teeth prevent the pull that can split hair when wet.  Hair Doctor combs with smooth rolling stainless teeth teeth "glide" through hair to prevent hair loss, damage and split ends resulting in beautiful hair.

Benefits of Hair Doctor rotating tooth combs:  

    • Smooth stainless teeth rotate and glide through thick hair.
    • Long wide teeth clear tangles without stretching hair and causing split ends or breakage.
    • Teeth stimulate and massage for healthy hair and scalp.
    • Sonic welded stainless-steel teeth prevent pin fall out keeping children and pets safe from swallowing loose pins.
    • Proven to be superior for detangling wet hair.
    • Salon solution safe and can be sterilized
    • Made with precision care in USA
    • Keep your hair beautiful with Hair Doctor Combs. Over 4 million sold globally!

Sabrina H, Cleveland - 5+STARS -Verified purchase
BEST COMB EVER!! YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO BUY ANOTHER!! (Unless, that is, you lose it like I did...)

November 8, 2018

I have yet to buy this comb from Hair Doctor, but I WAS gifted this exact comb 13 years ago from a hair dresser. When I tell you this is THE absolute BEST comb I have ever used in my entire life, you best believe it! This comb lasted me through my high school graduation, Hurricane Katrina, dozens of address changes, several vacations, my wedding, a trip to Costa Rica, a trip to Disney, and two children and NOTHING bad happened to it! Never broke, rusted, or anything! The only reason I'm writing this review today is because after 13 years of having it, my daughter lost it a couple days ago and I thought that I would never again have the pleasure of not feeling knots in my hair because I didn't know who made them. THANK THE LORD FOR HAIR DOCTOR!! You've officially saved my scalp! I plan on ordering one as soon as my next paycheck hits tomorrow!

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