Men's Styling and Detangling pocket comb

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Manly 5" pocket comb with tumbled smooth stainless-steel teeth allowing the comb to detangle and style hair reducing hair loss and damage to the hair cuticle.

We now know today the benefits of a stainless-steel teeth over plastic. The flexibility of plastic teeth leads to snagging of the hair. When the teeth snag on the hair it ends up pulling hair out.

In men that are aging, this can be detrimental to hair health since hair does not grow as fast and the hair follicle has to regenerate. Steel teeth combs don't have that issue. The rotating teeth are very sturdy and smooth which allows the teeth to pass through hair without pulling any out. 

The Hair Doctor comb has independent 360° rotating teeth giving the added benefit of stimulating the scalp, increasing blood circulation and stimulating growth.

Comfortable manly grip. Convenient size for pocket and travel