Body & Scalp Stimulator and Massager with 31 Fingers T712BC

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Description: The Body & Scalp Stimulator/ Massager has 31 fingers to stimulate the skin and scalp. 

Scalp Shampoo Brush.  Use the brush as you shampoo. The massaging fingers reach down to your scalp giving your head and scalp a thorough cleaning and relaxing massage.  It helps remove dandruff.

Body Brush: Use the Brush on your entire body when you shower.  The 31 fingers stimulate the skin and helps to break up cellulite under the skin.  It also helps relieve cramped muscles.

This hand held brush fits perfectly in the palm and has a finger indent giving you a comfortable grip. The waterproof design ensures safety while in the shower or bath.

Use it daily.  It relaxes!