Hair Doctor Brush for Tender Scalps - 40 smooth tipped rotating plastic teeth

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Hair Doctor's Hair Brush for tender scalps gently glides through hair to clears tangles without breaking or splitting hair.

The brush has 40 soft, smooth rotating plastic teeth with smooth rounded gentle tips. Handle is 7.25" long and light weight.
  • Prevents split ends and hair loss:  teeth “roll” and “rotate” preventing hair from wrapping and snagging on the pin which prevents split ends, hair breakage and hair loss.
  • Promotes healthy scalp: smooth round  tips  gently rub, massaging the scalp and increasing circulation keeping the scalp clean, healthy promoting growth.
  • Superior for detangling wet hair:  hair is most susceptible to damage when wet. Rotating teeth are gentle to wet hair, preventing hair from stretching and breaking when wet.
  • Tarnish free: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish;  can be safely disinfected in salon solutions.
  • Secure binding: sonic welded binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping children and pets safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins.
  • Made in USA with precision care and love.

Toxic free, BPA free material


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