Tender Tooth Comb for Fine and Thinning Hair

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Hair Doctor Tender Tooth Comb gently detangles fine and thinning hair for all ages

Cool benefits of the Hair Doctor rotating tooth Comb:  

  • Rotating teeth stimulate natural oils in the scalp stimulating growth and leaving hair with a natural sheen.
  • Plastic teeth have tumbled smooth tips that do not scratch, bend or fall out when combing.
  • Rotating teeth prevent hair from wrapping around the comb and pulling.

Additional benefits:

  • 100% toxic free, with american made pharmaceutical grade polypropylene handle.
  • 100% American Made product that does not bend even when wet.
  • Superior comb for wet or dry hair.
  • 100% Made in USA!

Gentle comb for all ages with fine and thinning hair.