Look at our first Hair Doctor® Comb with dual-spaced rotating teeth: finely-spaced, extra long rotating teeth on one half of comb and wide-spaced extra long rotating teeth on the other!



     Our exclusive design of the Original Hair Doctor Brush includes stainless steel rotating teeth that turn and move up and down independently to lesson the risk of premature hair loss. This smooth action eliminates snarls and tangles and reduces damage to the hair cuticle. The smooth rounded teeth also glide gently through the hair, preventing snags and decreasing the risk of scalp irritation. The massage effect helps increase blood circulation to the scalp.

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This new multi-pac Original Hair doctor Grooming Kit includes our newest product, the HairDoctor Brush with ergonomic handle and 2 combs.  Model TH516WA - Rotating Tooth Hair Comb with regular spacing for all hair types in a convenient 5" size great for purses, pockets, gym bags, backpacks, etc. and Model TH716A Bathroom size with regular-spaced rotating teeth great for most hair types and permed hair. 7" long.

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Model THB777XK/THB767LK
     This Hair Doctor® Comb not only has dual-spacing, it also has extra-strength stainless steel rotating teeth! Available with 1 1/4" extra long, tapered, rotating teeth (THB777XK) or with 1" long rotating teeth (THB767LK). For professional, everyday use on all types of tough tangles.  Click See attached for more information.


Model THB718XA
     This Hair Doctor® Comb also has Dual-Spacing, but with solid brass, 1 1/4" extra long, smoothly polished rotating teeth. This model offers same comb, but at a slightly lower cost!  Click See attached for more information.




Model TH765
     The Hair Doctor® Comb-n-Trap gathers dandruff, sand, lice and more with its finely-spaced, rotating teeth. The trapping shield holds it in place! No mess!
The comb also distributes hair color evenly through hair. Hinged trap allows for easy lifting and cleaning. 
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Black(shown), Purple.



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